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Agnihotra Copper Set



SKU : VG-AGH-002

Agnihotra Copper Kit contains all Copper essentials of Agnihotra. All the Copper items are made of 99% pure,18 gauge, virgin copper. Agnihotra Copper Pot is made as per the dimensions mentioned in Vedas. Our Agnihotra Copper Pots are made in Shivpuri Ashram, to avoid even a minute change in the original specification. 


҂ Agnihotra Copper Pot. X 1                                                                           
҂ Copper Stand. X 1
҂ Copper Dish. X 1
҂ Copper Fork. X 1
҂ Copper Spoon. X 1
҂ QR Code printed on the box for the mobile application has        
• Mantras for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra.

 • Local sunrise and sunset timing

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