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Cow’s Pure Ghee – 325 ML



SKU : VG-AGH-013

Cow Pure Ghee or clarified butter is prepared with highly nutritious cow milk extracted in traditional manner  from Indian cows grazing in Agnihotra farmlands and nurtured in Vishwa Vedic Goshalas. Vishwa Vedic goshalas perform Agnihotra  regularly to have a healthy atmosphere and happy cattle, resulting in high serotonin in milk, which is more nutritious milk.

Contains: Cow Pure Ghee 325gm Bottle X 1

Directions to use:

To learn the use of ghee  in Agnihotra,Visit https://youtu.be/4SP5_-hWIOc .

Learn Agnihotra from Master himself with free Agnihotra MasterClass.

To register visit agnihotra.vishwaglobal.com.

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