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Corporate Wellness Retreat



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Corporate wellness programs and retreats in India

If you are looking to give your employees a wellness experience, we invite you to our retreat. Our therapies are designed to revitalize every individual according to his/her need, filling the team up with a spirit of camaraderie and good health in just a few days’ time!
Group Wellness Program For Well being of Workplace

Modern workplace can be maddeningly chaotic and overwhelming. Constant pressure to perform, of meeting deadlines, paperwork and travel creates a lot of stress and decision fatigue on the workforce, which can lead to health fallout’s; lacking concentration, and absenteeism…leading to drop in productivity and eventually loss of revenue and reduced profitability. Companies can’t thrive in such an environment. These being highly competitive times and no business can afford a situation like this. Our Corporate Wellness Retreat is a specialized Stress Relief Program which addresses the issues faced by today’s workforce. This customized retreat is suited for group of people working on the factory floor as well as in the management or executive cadre.

If you are of the opinion that life and success of a company has anything to do with health, contentment and performance of its employees then this program will benefit your company in a wonderful way. It focuses on training participants to detach from office and focus on their well being. They are taken through activities and therapies that improve mental well being of participants; reduce chances of chronic illnesses and train individuals to maintain good energy levels at all times.

This combination of Ayurveda, Yoga, & Meditation retreat offered at Vishwa Wellness Centre, is based on the concept of better to prevent than cure. The retreat empowers individuals with tools like nutrition and exercise regime that will help them to maintain their health in top condition. Our solutions are simple, real, and address common issues that balance everyday life. Other than that facilities include stay in an A/C room, Swasthya Consultation, Organic Vegetarian Meals, Yoga, Meditation and therapies like Massages, Shirodhara, Foot Massages, etc.

This corporate retreat offers participants an opportunity to get away from all the chaos and immerse in a new quiet way of living, preparing the mind to evolve. Our specially designed retreat focusing on corporate wellness guides and supports the enrolled employees to lead a de-stressed, a more balanced and fulfilling life. Benefits that employees take home include positive work ethic, increased productivity, etc. Investing in a good corporate wellness program help companies thrive and succeed.

Duration: 2 Days


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