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Senior Citizens Retreat



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If you are looking for a perfect wellness center for seniors, you are at the right place. We have tailor made solutions to help seniors age gracefully. A perfect, safe, and affordable break for senior citizens….

Senior Citizens Wellness – A Boost For Your Health!


Aging is a complex process. As your body’s regenerative system slows down, you may begin to face many health challenges. Years and years of stress and toxins that accumulate in the body eventually lead to major illnesses like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Digestive disorders, etc. It is very important to address these issues before time, so that you can celebrate life’s second innings with health and joy. 

As one ages physical activities decline drastically and this is the main cause of health related issues in old age. For successful ageing, remaining fit, independent, and active are the key factors. Most of the physical activities happening in senior wellness retreat are therefore about enhancing strength, remaining active center of gravity, helping them stay mobile, gait training etc. We integrate emotional well being training also with physical training because we believe what our mind thinks our body becomes.


Introduce senior citizens to lifestyle that will enable them to embrace and preserve better quality life in old age and not fall prey to health problems. This retreat introduces them to tools and ways to stay in top physical health remain active and independent at emotional, social and spiritual level.


We conduct this wellness program at several levels in order to enable senior members with different stamina to benefit from it. We conduct age appropriate examination and assessment before suggesting therapies. We encourage all participants to take their walk very seriously because it is a simple routine that they can continue to do even after getting out. Our retreat comprises meaningful activities and positive beliefs.

We predominantly focus on building and maintaining functional strength; we give them balancing, and posture training, work to promote their flexibility, gain better control etc. Senior citizens with different goals enroll into this retreat. Our basic focus is on helping them gain better judgment and control over their bodies which will help them lead an independent life for the longest time.

Facilities include stay in a A/C room, Swasthya Consultation, Organic Vegetarian Meals, Yoga, Meditation and therapies like Massages, Shirodhara, Panchakarma de tox, Nasya, etc.


While one day retreat takes the through complete physical assessment, introducing them to relevant therapies, lifestyle alterations, and tools to stay fit, longer duration programs take them through a more complete experience. Those who enroll into seven days retreat can witness changes and improvements not only at physical but also at emotional and spiritual level. Overall it is a fantastic way to enhance morale and improve fitness.

Duration and cost- 7 days


I feel as if i have become 10 years younger!!- Mrs. Shetty, Bangalore

I never knew I could feel so fresh and healthy. I have missed out on this for the last 40 years.- Mr. Jaiswal, Jaipur

I should have attend this retreat 10 years ago! What a lovely feeling of getting my energy back!!- Mr. Rao, Hyderabad

My skin feels as if it has been given a complete new life! I feel fresh and my skin shows it.- Mrs. Rajput, Jaipur



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